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To help you get more out of your projects, we will co-create with you the systems and processes you need to balance social, cultural, environmental, and commercial needs. We specialise in delivering wellbeing through clever market demand analysis, masterplan design and review, integrating urban amenities in development projects, and are WELL certified. If you are a developer and looking to do things more efficiently, get in touch.

We can help you:
Understand your customer and set your vision 
Measure and communicate your impact 
Explore innovation and sustainability options
Get the right mix of residential and amenity 
Work effectively with iwi and stakeholders
Deliver affordable housing 

Featured Services

Market Demand Analysis

As projects become increasingly complex, navigating demand to build the right things in the right places is essential. Our dynamic market analysis process captures housing market trends, builds a demographic profile of the diverse needs of current and potential users, and leverages community and stakeholder feedback for real-time market sounding. Building community translates to faster pre-sales and less hurdles, because everyone is taken on the development journey; less time (and less money) is spent securing delivery.


Leveraging off our extensive research base, we are able to embed wellbeing outcomes into the DNA of our masterplans. Our work will see you well-placed to navigate commercial realities while turning your bold vision into a reality.


Our Clients


We’re so appreciative of our clients who enable us to do the work we do.

We worked with TUA to develop our approach and programme plan for a housing project and land $2.5m of funding to help us deliver it well. What made working with TUA a good fit was our strong value alignment, but they were also a good personality fit for our team

Jodi Hayward
CEO, Te Pai Roa Tika o te Taitokerau

Putting together an iwi housing strategy for the first time required people with expertise and knowledge. TUA were amazing to work with, professional, engaging, helpful and have a lot of expertise.

Lisa Bishop
Property Project Lead, Ngāti Toa

"We worked with TUA to investigate the delivery of new housing models, in particular co-housing and a lot of useful knowledge was built up amongst our team. The team at TUA had a good mix of skills, were great facilitators, were collaborative, and their reports were well-presented and detailed.”

Brenna Waghorn
GM Strategy & Planning, Eke Panuku

“TUA have been professional and accommodating throughout and your work has been invaluable in getting the plan change to the point it is today. We have enjoyed working alongside you all.”

Karen Lees
Project Manager, Griffithsi

“Our relationship with TUA seeks to redefine what working in a true partnership means. Whilst the tangible outcomes will produce our Housing Strategy, being the crucial first step to achieving our housing aspirations, the intangible benefits of this relationship will enable both entities to increase their capacity and matauranga."

Kim Tahiwi
Project Lead, Ngā Hapu o Ōtaki