Christchurch Central City Momentum Review

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Project Details

Regenerate Christchurch

The Challenge

Regenerate Christchurch stated its recovery objectives in the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan (CCRP). The purpose of this review was to test how successful Regenerate Christchurch was in achieving these objectives. In addition, the review was to explore ways in which to increase regeneration momentum in the central city. This would enable recommendations to be made to the Minister for Regeneration and the Mayor of Christchurch. 

The Journey 

  • The process included reviewing the achievement of the objectives within each of the following focus areas: urban design, economy and investment, delivery and development (construction and infrastructure), social recovery, environmental and ecological sustainability, culture and heritage and the regulatory outcomes. 
  • TUA was invited to review and contribute to the work produced by focus area leads. TUA ensured a coordinated and cohesive review was complete. 
  • TUA also provided recommendations about what the future regeneration planning should entail and presented the advice both visually and verbally. 
  • The methodology for the review involved four steps: 
  • Step 1: Confirmation of the project scope and identification of a team with the requisite skills across a broad spectrum of focus areas.
  • Step 2: Reviewing the CCRP and associated strategic planning documents to confirm a single set of consistent recovery objectives that would be used to undertake the review. Relevant national-, regional- and city-level strategies were also reviewed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the strategic context for the proceeding review and best practice indicators that could be used to measure the progress achieved.
  • Step 3: Construction of an assessment framework for measuring and evaluating regeneration progress that the wider team would complete their review within. 
  • Step 4: Sourcing and compilation of the data and information required for each progress indicator to undertake the review of each focus area. 

The Outcome

  • Delivery of an initial insights report. This report summarises the findings for each focus area and identifies opportunities to increase momentum in each area. 
  • A snapshot that describes the current state assessment in respect of progress across the central city.
  • Visual tool/tools for decision makers to summarise progress, assess confidence and indicate any shifts in strategic priorities.
  • A decision framework which could help inform near-term decisions impacting the realisation of CCRP objectives.