Strategic Transport Communications

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Project Details

Auckland Council Group
Auckland Transport

The Challenge

Auckland Transport and Auckland Council have a plan to make sure our city protects what we love and works well for all of us over the long term. However, they often lacked the visible public support to make the systems changes needed to achieve this plan. 

The Solution

The process brought the Auckland Transport and Auckland Council teams together and plans have been made to take a more integrated approach to future transport communications. Senior leaders at both organisations have endorsed the strategic guidelines and agreed with the recommended approach. It will be included in a wider VKT Reduction package, used to help secure the government support needed to achieve greenhouse gas emissions and transport goals.

The Journey

Working collaboratively with ACG’s communications people, we developed a set of strategic guidelines and recommendations that integrate with their current work programmes. They demonstrate how the organisations might apply a values-led communications technique, which is proven to help build support for change in communities. From taking an integrated communications approach and positioning a public vision, to creating a communications plan, developing a narrative-led campaign brief and measuring community outcomes; we provided guidance that can be easily applied to the teams’ everyday comms mahi. Most crucially, we identified the additional government support needed to achieve greenhouse gas emissions and transport goals, providing a case for future communications funding.