Study Tour: Housing Ecosystem Research

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Kāinga Ora
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New Zealand, U.K. and U.S.A.

A write up from an international study tour and other desktop research informed advice on how to diversify the housing ecosystem.

Kāinga Ora wanted to understand the range of different housing options that could be implemented within major programmes to deliver the outcomes identified in the regeneration programme. 

There was increased awareness within parts of the organisation about the breadth of housing options that could exist within a housing ecosystem and approval to move to further explore some of the more viable options. 

TUA organised a two week international study tour to visit major urban regeneration programmes and a range of different housing projects. This was supported by considerable desktop research about the different housing models that were being used internationally and around New Zealand to provide more affordable and equitable housing choices for low and middle income earners, and that was also more socially and environmentally considered. This involved a review of current housing policy and its limitations and made recommendations about what tools and levers could be used, if they existed within the governments tool box to help deliver improvise housing outcomes across the major housing projects and included multiple examples and case studies as well as the benefits and challenges with each model.