The Landing Concept Plan Refresh

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Project Details

Akarana Marine Sports Charitable Trust
Eastern Bays, Auckland

A review of the Concept Plan, and report on best practice marine asset planning.

The Concept Plan for The Landing Park Reserve (The Landing) at Pokanoa Point, Ōkahu Bay was impacted due to two main factors; a lack of understanding about the marine assets in central Auckland and how its network of facilities exists, and competing views about what type of uses should take priority at the Landing.

TUA worked closely with Council stakeholders, Local Board members and industry representatives during document discovery and scoping, completing international benchmarking of exemplar marine sport and recreation precincts and a review of the literature on the value of blue networks and changing trends for community marine sports and recreation facilities. This information was used to make a series of recommendations about how to advance the planning for the site. 

The document was used as a communication tool to better enable coordination among stakeholders and to inform the ongoing planning for and management of The Landing. TUA presented the document and its findings to the Client, to Council staff and Local Board members, who reviewed the document and implemented the next steps for Council-led planning. TUA had an ongoing role supporting the client to advance the recommendations.