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A New Housing Ecosystem in Aotearoa

A co-created vision for a new housing ecosystem in Aotearoa.

In the aftermath of COVID-19, and in response to concerns surrounding the housing ecosystem in Aotearoa, the report reveals the complex, interconnected factors contributing to the current housing crisis, and proposes a vision for a new housing ecosystem in Aotearoa.

The How We Live report creates a platform for shared understanding and consistent language for the housing ecosystem enabling different sectors to engage more meaningfully and effectively in conversations about potential solutions. Commissioned by the PIF Foundation, TUA provided key input from our extensive resource library based on previous projects, helping to shape essential content.

PIF Foundation
New Zealand
Venture Centre NZ, Motif, Sense Partners, Matakohe Architecture and Urbanism, Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood, The Housing Innovation Society, The Level Room, Frank Advice and others.