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Changing Retirement Demand in Aotearoa New Zealand

Understanding the housing pressures faced by the elderly reveals a tarnished experience of the ‘golden years’ in Aotearoa New Zealand.


Retirement is a time of life that is associated with relaxation and reaping the rewards of a lifetime of hard work. However, many of the older people in New Zealand are faced with increasing stresses and insecurities with housing and the cost of living. Older New Zealanders want to live in a safe, warm, dry, secure home, within a suitable distance to essential services and facilities, and friends and whānau enabling them to maintain vital social connections.

From speaking first-hand with representatives of the older population, and reviewing key pieces of research, The Urban Advisory explains how the current system of housing is failing New Zealanders. Providing a potential solution, this report details how scaling up the delivery of innovative housing models could go a long way towards avoiding many older New Zealanders facing retired life with financial stresses, and poor housing quality and insecurity.