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Study Tour 2018: The Future of Urbanism in Aotearoa New Zealand

The future of urbanism in Aotearoa New Zealand with lessons from seven European cities.


The complexities that our cities and neighbourhoods face require us to find new solutions and approaches to planning and building. The Urban Advisory’s (TUA) desire is to equip local urbanists, policy makers, developers and investors with knowledge and insight to support the delivery of more equitable, meaningful and sustainable cities across Aotearoa New Zealand.  

This report is based on TUA’s 2018 European Study Tour, when our directors visited London, Freiburg, Oslo and Amsterdam, and also participated in the inaugural City Makers Guild Study Tour on Collaborative Urbanism, which visited Berlin, Vienna and Zurich. 

The visited projects were examples that provided affordable, secure and quality housing, each with a strong sense of a connected community. These were established through different development models such as collectives, cooperatives or partnerships between public, not-for-profit, and private sectors. 

This report is a resource for advancing better outcomes for the future of urbanism in New Zealand by critically reflecting on lessons learned the seven cities visited. It is divided into five key sections. These are: 

  1. Key forces and themes in global city-making providing an overview of the urban challenges facing New Zealand. It discusses what makes a successful city that prioritises wellbeing outcomes for people and place. 
  2. Key lessons from The Urban Advisory’s European tour, from each of the seven cities visited. 
  3. Ten critical themes of successful collaborative urbanism are explored.
  4. The future of urban development in New Zealand is considered.
  5. The challenges of collaborative development in New Zealand are considered. 

Key Lessons 

  • In order to address inequality and improve the wellbeing of citizens in our country, New Zealand must move beyond solely market-led speculative development. 
  • New Zealand’s housing sector will be radically transformed by pursuing collaborative, alternative and integrated development projects. Although these can be slow and face their own challenges, this is a feasible pathway to provide for the long-term needs of residents, with fit-for-purpose, quality and affordable homes within a strong and sustainable community.  
London, Freiburg, Oslo, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Zurich
City Makers Guild