West Auckland Neighbourhood Urban Amenities Assessment

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Project Details

Sonn Group
Property & Development
West Auckland

This project explored the amenity and design that would be required to support the residential development in a west Auckland greenfields site.  

The Urban Advisory was invited to join the development team to offer innovation alongside other members of the existing design team, with a specific focus on delivering innovations in the Masterplan.

The purpose of this project was to develop a well-rationalised evidence base to support the case for integrating varied urban amenities across a large greenfield development site in Auckland. 

The focus was on delivering amenities within a pre-existing master-plan that had previously been almost entirely residential.The project included an analysis of target demographics, local amenities mapping exercises, a review of the Masterplan and to present findings to the existing design team. 

TUA identified a strong evidence base to support engagement with regulatory agents, namely the Auckland Council Consenting Team and the Urban Design Panel, to indicate where and how the Client could achieve the outcomes that they were seeking from their development. The journey also included recommendations for four individually themed commercial areas across the site that would best serve the diverse targeted resident population.

Alignment with existing Auckland strategy and policy was also important when identifying the potential of the development to deliver on key outcomes sought for Auckland.